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It’s a Lot Like Falling in Love: Legacies of Naiad Press and the Tallahassee Lesbian Community


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Dr. Michael David Franklin, Assistant Director Honors in the Major

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In the 1980s and 1990s, Tallahassee was home to Naiad Press, one of the largest and earliest publishers of lesbian literature in the United States. Twelve recently recorded oral histories form the basis of this exhibition, which explores the social and cultural life of Naiad and the vitality and affirmation one feels when one sees people like themselves on the page, whole and complex and alive. Women and transmasculine people who worked for the press and who lived in Tallahassee during this period shared their stories about Naiad, about co-founders Barbara Grier and Donna McBride, and about their experiences in the local lesbian scene. Drawing heavily on these interviews as well as on personal photographs, local news coverage, an exhibition lending library, and other historical documents and objects, this exhibition looks at what Naiad meant to the people involved with it and how Naiad provided lifelines to women-loving women.