Interested in creating a website for your project? Start here.

CreateFSU is open to faculty, staff, students, and postdocs interested in creating a website for their research or teaching projects. In order to get started, we just need a little information about your project.

Tell us more about your website idea

In order to set you up with an account, we need to get a bit of information about you and your project. You can fill out our Project Request Form to get the process started. There are a few questions that are designed to get a sense of if your project fits in with our Terms of Service. If you don’t know the answers to all of those questions, that’s okay! Simply select “yes” when you are asked if you’d like a consultation with our team, and we can talk through any concerns.

Wait a few days

It usually takes less than two business days for us to respond to new account requests. If you haven’t heard from us after a week, please reach out to, and we will follow up on your request.

Choose your domain name

Once you have heard back from our team that your account was approved, you will see that CreateFSU now gives you the option to choose a domain name. All domain names will be subdomains of So, for example, your project might be “” Enter your desired domain name, and (as long as that domain name hasn’t been taken already), you will be good to proceed!

Start creating!

Once you have completed the signup process, you will be able to install applications like WordPress, author content, and build your site. If you indicate that you would like a consultation with our team during the sign-up process, we can help get you oriented during this phase. You can also get more resources for building and maintaining your site through our Support Documentation